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4SE has been created with the aim of satisfying the needs of construction companies operating in the construction market of Estonia, Baltic and the Scandinavian countries with various reinforced concrete elements. Long-term experience in the field of concrete work has given us a lot of experience, reliability and high professionalism.

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Wall elements

We make both 1-layer, 2-layer and 3-layer wall elements. We can produce maximum up to 4.0 m high and up to 13.0 long elements, the maximum weight is up to 12.0 tons.

Sandwich facade is a multi-layer structure consisting of reinforced concrete internal and external leaves and a layer of thermal insulation between them. The layers are joined together by diagonal connections of stainless steel which intersect the thermal insulation layer. The connections also transfer the weight of the external leaf to the internal leaf, meaning that the external leaf is a suspended construction element and suspending other constructions from the external leaf is generally not allowed.

Sandwich facades can be divided into three groups based on the structure of the building:

– self-bearing non-stiffening walls

– load-bearing stiffening walls

– non-load-bearing stiffening walls

Options for surface finishing of wall elements: mold surface, brush surface, roller surface, painted or tinted concrete surface, matrix surface, tiled surface, etc.

The wall elements are made according to the requirements of standards EVS-EN 14992:2007+A1:2012 “Wall elements” and EVS-EN 13369 :2012 “General rules of finished concrete products”.

Linear structural elements

The linear structural elements are made based on the drawings of the client.

The poles, girders and latches are made according to the requirements of standards EVS-EN 13225:2013 “Bar elements” and EVS-EN 13369 “General rules of finished concrete products”.

    Floor plates for floor systems

    The floor plates producing according to the project. Floor plates are used in floor systems where it is not possible or practical to use floor slabs.

    Floor plates are manufactured in accordance with EVS-EN 13747 Precast concrete products. Floor plates for floor systems and EVS-EN 13369 Common rules for precast concrete products.

    Stair elements

    We produce stair flights, landings and stair flights with landings

    The elements of stairs are made according to the requirements of standards EVS-EN 14843:2007 “Finished concrete products. Stairs” and “General rules of finished concrete products”.

    Balcony elements

    Four Side Element OU manufactures balcony elements of various shapes according to the customer’s requests.

    The balcony elements are manufactured in accordance with standard EVS-EN 14991 «Precast concrete products. Balcony elements» and EVS-EN 13369 «Common rules for precast concrete products».

    Foundation elements

    Four Side Element OÜ produces specially shaped foundation elements according to the customer’s wishes.

    Foundation elements are manufactured in accordance with the standards EVS-EN 14991 Precast concrete products. Foundation elements and general rules for precast concrete products.


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